privacy policy

Here at Pristine Flooring MK, we sincerely care and respect the privacy of all the visitors and users of our service and website and all our officials are greatly committed to protect the privacy of the individuals. Our principal service is to offer all sorts of residential, commercial and industrial flooring services.

The Privacy Policy solely concentrates on the process of how we collect the details from the visitors and most importantly, how those are maintained and used for the betterment of the service.

The information that we collect!

In order to improve the service and to make it more customized we collect few detail information from the visitors and that are collected in the way of filling up the form or any other. We respect the privacy of all the individuals and acknowledge the fact that none of the details are shared or used for any unauthorized purposes. The details are collected voluntarily from the visitors or users. Below are some of the details that we usually collect;

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Email id

Our privacy management policy follows the guidelines of the authorized department regarding the usage, collection, storage and retention of the details.

How we use the personal information

Pristine Property Services MK Ltd. respects the details that are provided by the users. Those are primly used for the improvement of our service and we are more dedicated to offer more customized solutions to each of the individuals. The details are not shared for any promotional purposes or not even to any unauthorized persons. Only authorized officials have the access of details.

Protection of the personal details

We are fully dedicated to protect the information that we are collecting from our visitors. All the details are stored in a secure database and that is scrutinized on a regular basis in order to prevent malware attacks. The details are removed from the systems after a certain period of time.

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